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Department of Education

University of Taipei



1. Bachelors may go on to our Master’s Program and go on to our Doctoral Program after that. Besides, they may also take the Civil Service Examinations to be civil servants. Other prospects include furthering education at home or abroad.

2. Masters may become qualified teachers by taking a variety of courses in our educational curriculum. Other choices include working as civil servants, taking our Doctoral Program, proceeding to study in the field of education elsewhere, serving in R&D departments of cultural and educational institutions, or working as HR course designers in companies.

3. Doctors may seek teaching posts in institutions of higher education or work as professional researchers for educational research organizations. Other possibilities include being senior civil servants, executives in cultural and educational institutions, or HR course designers or researchers in companies, and serving as professional researchers in the fields of psychology and counseling, early childhood education, curriculum and instruction, or special education.