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Department of Education, University of Taipei


The Department of Education is under the domain of the School of Education; its primary goal is to train professional educators needed in this diverse society. The department was founded in 1987, and in 2008 (when the school became the Taipei Municipal University of Education) it was combined with the Graduate Institute of Elementary and Secondary Education and defined its educational vision as “practicality and sincerity.” The department is divided into the undergraduate, master’s, and PhD programs, which are still recruiting students to this day. There are currently 14 full-time faculty members at the department.
     The undergraduate program currently has 2 sections and 60 students. After the junior year of undergraduate study the program is divided into three specialty curricula: Cultural and Educational Enterprise Management, Curriculum and Teaching, and the Philosophy, History and Sociology of Education. The Master’s program currently enrolls 11. The PhD program currently enrolls 13 students and is divided into the following specialty areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology and Guidance, the Philosophy, History and Sociology of Education, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education.