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Department of Education, University of Taipei

Core Curriculum

Core Courses

Undergraduate Program

1. Basic Required Courses & Elective Courses:
These courses in pedagogy are offered so that our education majors will be suitable to be elementary school teachers with basic qualifications.

2. Featured Professional Courses in Education:
These courses are offered to equip our students with professional knowledge and capabilities for their future jobs, and to enhance the academic development of this department as well.

Master’s Program

1. Common Required Courses
These courses include Research Methods in Education and Research on Educational issues.

2.Two Fields of Research:
Group of History of Education, Philosophy of Education, and Sociology of Education:
Professional courses in these three major domains of education are offered in this group.
Group of Development and Application of Education:
Three kinds of courses are offered in this group: curriculum theories, learning theories and instruction, and development of learning resources. Students may carry out theoretical and practical research in-depth in the following three subdivisions: curriculum, instruction, and pedagogy.

Doctoral Program

1. Common Required Courses:
These courses are offered so that our PhD students may have broad visions and independent thinking as they receive specialized training in methodology and grow into a scholar with more knowledge in educational theories.

2. Five Fields of Research:
We offer courses in the following five fields so as to promote PhD students’ research in their own fields.
(1) Curriculum and Instruction
(2) Educational Psychology and Counseling
(3) History of Education, Philosophy of Education and Sociology of Education
(4) Early Childhood Education
(5) Special Education