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Department of Education, University of Taipei

Our Aims

    The department continues the university’s long tradition in the education of skilled elementary school teachers, but, to better respond to changes in today’s society, the department has created a curriculum that supplies necessary courses in practical and theoretical knowledge. By way of progressive and diverse study content and open educational events, the department hopes to train academic researchers and educational workers who possess both a professional work ethic and practical know-how.
    The Master’s program addresses the needs created by shifts in diversity and restructuring in the educational field. We train teaching professionals and academic researchers possessing both theoretical and practical knowledge, a strong basis in teaching, and a knowledge of teaching techniques. We stress the importance of our students being aware of problems and issues in education, of having the knowledge to work in academic research and of enacting real change.
    The PhD program is concerned with the training of researchers equipped with a broad view of the educational world. Our curriculum is based on the following two aspects: 1) giving PhD students a strong basis in theory and research methods through the core curriculum and engendering in them the ability to reason and see things from a larger perspective; 2) the PhD department currently splits its curriculum into 5 specializations that allow researchers to develop their skills in the field of their own specialty; the specializations are: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Psychology and Guidance, the Philosophy, History and Sociology of Education, Early Childhood Education, and Special Education

We incorporate educational resources from both on and off campus; we form social groups that incorporate academic and practical abilities and collect the best in international academics and educational research. The result of all of this is hoped to produce in our students and faculty the ability to use their educational expertise in the educational, research, service, and promotional sectors.