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Department of Education, University of Taipei

About the Department

     The Department of Education in the University of Taipei is founded in 1987. Located in the central Taipei, students and faculties have opportunities to contribute to and benefit from this diverse and exciting capital city.

     There are three study levels in our department. Developing educational competences is the foundation for all students in the undergraduate courses. Students also have to choose one specialization either in philosophy and sociology, curriculum design and instruction, or cultural and educational enterprises management. Therefore, undergraduate courses are dual-tracked to encourage students both for academic and practical needs, depends on his/her interests. The master program consists of two divisions: philosophy and history of education, and curriculum design and instruction. There are 5 divisions in the doctoral program. In addition to the mentioned 2 divisions, the other 3 divisions are: early childhood education, special education and educational psychology and counseling.
     The department has a good reputation in the educational field in Taiwan because of its distinguished alumni devoted and are devoting themselves either in primary schools across Taiwan or in different cultural and educational organizations. We aim to cultivate professional educators or researchers needed for the competitive global society by fostering educational excellence.